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Silver Creek

Beautiful picnic areas

Lots of bridges

Our first site of Bambi

Mom came and got him


View from the top of South Falls

Can you see the people walking behind these falls? It is about...

OOH,,,, 8.7 miles... I don't think so

Beautiful grounds

The Lodge built in 1930 by the CCC

Some of the many tree farms in the area

One of my favorite views of the North Falls

This is the lower North Falls

Great spot for our picnic... Thanks for the wine Jan... We shared...

North Side means MOSS


North Side!


Look at this root system

Speaking of root system

Don't you just love this rest area? I love the walking stick...

WE are going to walk under that ledge right in the middle...

Our view from BEHIND the falls

Isn't this just the coolest place?

There are 59 more steps after coming up a huge slope that...

Some of the beautiful cascades along the trail

Covered Bridge # 48

Surrounded by close up of hops growing

And my favorite trees

One more of the covered bridges in Marion County.

The day started out beautiful right from sunrise… Usually we have a lot of low clouds until about noon and it is a little cool… I sure am not complaining though… I don’t mind having a sweater over my shoulders for a short time… As soon as the sun clears, it gets nice and warm even if the temps don’t get over 70 degrees… Today was one of the cooler days where we did not see it hit 70 until after we got back to our campground this evening… In spite of the cool temps, I was dripping wet after the hike we took this time..

We got our picnic basket out and put in our ice packs, some chips, a bottle of wine and then made a stop at Subway where we added a foot long sandwich to share and two cookies….. Our destination was about 14 miles away at the Silver Falls State Park… Silver Falls has more than 9000 acres of spectacular scenery with the most famous being the 8.6 mile hiking trail that passes by and under some of the most stunning waterfalls we have seen (with the exception of the Columbia River Scenic Drive). There are actually more than 25 miles of trails in the park but we wound up driving a lot of them…

We started out at the South Falls Day Use Area to see what this was all about.. We walked thru the beautiful picnic areas over bridges that crossed the Silver Creek and into some beautiful areas where we came across a new little Bambi… His Mommy had hopped down to the creek to get some water and he was scared to follow.. We watched him try several places to join her but soon mama came back and led him away from us… This was a beautiful sight to see and both Bill and I felt really blessed to be at the right place at the right time…

We continued around the Day Use area checking out the lodge that was built by the CCC back in 1938 and then to the Upper Rim that was a trail head for the Canyon Trail or stay on the top and take the Upper Rim Trail… In order to see all ten of the waterfalls you have to go down to the Canyon Trail and walk 8.6 miles … Hey, I may be dumb, but I’m not stupid… There is no way I could walk 8.6 miles up and down trails and steps like this… We did do as much as we could though and even though my leg muscles and lungs were screaming, we got to see a lot. Sure wish I had come here 30 years ago… I would have loved to walk the whole trail…

I am going to tell you about our hikes with the pictures so follow along…

Another beautiful day in paradise……………… Later…………….

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