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Bon Taking Pic in La Democracia Plaza

Another Big Olmec Guy in La Democracia Plaza

One of 3 Volcanos We See From Bus on Way to Antigua-Snow...

Another Shot of Volcano in Clouds

Better Shot of Volcano

Another Volcano In Locals Part of Antigua, Looking Down One of Many...

Same Volcano, White Church and What Looks Like Dead Grape Vines in...

Sugar Mill on Way to Antigua

Army Band Playing By Plaza

View of Same Volcano Outside Antigua, This Time in Tourist Part of...

Lv on 8:30 bus to La Democracia and their plaza of Olmec heads. Great! Then to the overpriced museum (30q-$4 US), interesting but small and little explanatory info, even in Spanish.

Museum Info

Very nice plaza, brkfst of eggs and beans and tortillas. Very good. Bus to La Esquintla then another to Antigua. Great volcanoes along the way...Agua, Acatanango, & El Fuego. Our bus ride into Antigua was one of most exciting yet, as Bon said, "He's (driver) trying to do a wheelie with his bus!" Found Hotel Los Encuentros after ditching a "guide" anxious to get our business. Owner/operator Irma was very nice/helpful...signed up for tomor tour up volcano in the afternoon/eve to roast marshmellows.

Walked around center of town & main park...listened to city band...this is a very anticeptic place, no street vendors and no trash or anything resembling disorder. Lots of gringo types (Spain, England, Holland, US, France, etc) and gringo shops. Ended up in La Casa del Flan Antiqueno for a good value bagel veggie burger, fries, & salad.


We rise late, Irma most kindly serves us brkfst at 9 (part of ON deal-good!). I am still recovering from yesterday so while Bon is off to Internet I stay behind, resting/sleeping/reading. This becoming older is supposed to include "but wiser", somehow I'm missing that part I think!

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