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As soon as I walked out of the airport in Bali the heat hit me. The taxi dropped me off in Kuta, it was 11.30pm and stupidly I had no accommodation booked. I walked up the main street and was not in the slightest bit impressed. It reminded me of a really tacky Spanish resort. After about 45 minutes of walking with my heavy backpack and losing about half of my body weight in sweat I eventually found a hotel with a vacancy. The next day I went for a walk around the town and my first impression hadn't been wrong. The place is dirty, not in the slightest bit picturesque, the narrow roads are congested with cars and scooters all beeping their horns and literally every 4 steps I took I was harassed by hawkers. Already I never again want to be asked 'you want massage/hashish/mushrooms' or be told 'cheap prices' and ordered to look. It was relentless, and if you do go in to a shop they are offended if you don't buy anything. One guy even got aggressive and him and his mates tried to block my route out of the shop. So I headed to the beach to see if that was a redeeming feature. It was a really long stretch of golden sand beach and the water was really nice, but it was nothing special so after a few hours of relaxing in the sun I booked my ticket out of there. I realised when I had left that I had taken no pictures here, but nothing at all inspired me to get my camera out.

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