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Marina where we caught boat

Beautiful shoreline


Just after I take this one they jump out of water and...







Monestary Garden

Monestary is way upon a hillside that overlooks the ocean


Today we went back up the Cabot Trail to go whale watching. We had a really nice drive up it was about 2 ½ hrs up the Cabot Trail to get where we were going. Once there we only had to wait for about ½ for the boat to come in.

We met some very nice people while waiting for the boat both couples were from Ottawa. They were on a three week vacation out this way and it was fun to talk with them about the common places we had all been to.

As we left the harbor the weather was really nice we could just wear short sleeves. The boat went up the coastline and it was really nice the scenery you could see lots of waterfalls and beaches that you can only get to by hiking in to them. The commentator was great he talked about everything we were going by and talked about the area. He explained what whales we might be able to see and the sizes, etc.

We seemed to go out quite far and we were explained this was the farthest they had to go out yet. We finally came across a pod of about 30 whales it was fantastic to see. They came up really close to the boat and we just watched in awe as they circled the boat. One rolled on their back and had their fins up but otherwise they would just go down and then come back up.

We stayed there in the same spot for quite a while it was really nice to see how much everyone enjoyed seeing the whales. We then left there and went down the coast a little farther and we saw up on the hills pairs of bald eagles and their nests. We came across quite a few seals as well but they would just peek their heads up then go under the water. We all thought it was funny that as soon as the boat would pull away you would then see about 20 of them coming up and out of the water looking towards the boat.

We went by a monestary that we could see from the water and found out it was open to visit so we decided after the boat ride to drive up there and wouldn’t you know it there was a special prayer day and they weren’t giving tours but you could walk around the grounds. The commentator on the boat told us that each year the monks come down to the harbor and buy at least $1500 dollars worth of crabs and then they would hire their boat to take the live crabs back out to the ocean where they let them go and would pray it all has to do with their belief of reincarnation. We were disappointed that we couldn’t see more than the grounds of the monestary and we won’t have a chance to go back up again.

On the way back from the whale watching Brian said let’s stop at one of the marinas and see if we can buy some fish or something. Well we were so lucky we pulled up to the marina and they were just unloading snow crabs that had just been caught. Brian bought 5 of them and there was a man there that said do you know what to do with them and we said no so he proceeded to pull the legs off I was a little squimish with this but he proceeded to get them all ready for us. He then got a huge bag and packed the legs in ice and told us make sure we cook them within the next hour or so and told us how to do it. So we had to hightail it back to the campground because we were still over an hour away.

Well I have to say we made such a mess eating these snow crabs but boy were they delicious, we melted some butter and dipped the snow crabs in and HMM!HMM! Good! Are you hungry yet? So know we can say we have tried Maine Lobster, Nova Scotia Lobster, Snow Crab and fresh Halibut right off of the boats. I would recommend to anyone out this way if you can buy off of the marinas it’s way cheaper than in the stores. We paid $7.00 a apiece and our neighbor paid $19.00.

I guess to sum of the day I would have to say it was great but tonight we are exhausted and will just take it easy maybe watch a movie. We had new neighbors pull in tonight and they have 10 children unbelievable we said how come so many and it ends up she comes from a family of 14 and he comes from a family of 12 so they always knew they would have a big family. I have to say they were so organized and the children were so behaved you didn’t even know there were that many of them. They were a really nice family and we enjoyed talking with them.

Tomorrow we are going to try and go to the beach and relax. Just to let you know the pictures of the whales they were much closer than the camera shows but again I think you need a better camera than we have to really show what we saw.

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