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Wyoming State Capitol Building

Monument to the First Woman Justice of the Peace

What's Wyoming without a bucking bronc?

One of the few states that pays tribute to God's Laws

Masonic influence here too

We've always enjoyed the drive across Wyoming and this trip across the state was no different. There is something so captivating about the openness of the land and the wind, the mountains, the snow fences and the herds of pronghorn.

As with most of the other capitols, we've never been to the Wyoming capitol in Cheyenne.

It is a pleasant city and the capitol grounds have statutes of animals; calves and broncos and buffalo, what a refreshing change from the mythical greek gods and goddesses of other capitols.

On a corner across the street opposite the capitol building is a statute of the 10 commandments. We had to go over and read them. It was surprising to see that this statute has only 9 commandments. The tenth commandment about not coveting was broken into two commandments, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house and thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife. The commandment that was left out was the second one about not making any graven images. Interesting!

We actually got to this capitol during the daylight hours. The governor (we believe he was the governor) was leaving the capitol while we were reading the proclamation. The security guy that was covertly checking us out stopped him and you could tell that he was talking to the governor about us for the governor looked up at us and smiled then waved to the security officer and walked off to his car, the one with the #1 on the license plate. I guess he thought we were innocent enough!

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