Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

Commence the mixing of da sh*t!



Compulsory cat pic! =))

Err, dinner me thinks!

Right, well we got taken to a little village to pick up someone who'd been living there for a couple of weeks mucking in with the fijians and had our first 'real' kava ceremony. They were all so friendly and welcoming and all loved having their picture taken! The Tour guide bought some bags of Kava ready for the evening on Nananu Island.

Next stop was a spot of bamboo rafting which wasn't really that major - they got us on these bamboo rafts that were just long pieces of bamboo lashed together. When you get the five or so people on it and start off it sinks until its kinda just under the water, bit weird. We only went across the river and got off again - then about 15 of us all stood in the side of the river up to our waists and played volleyball with the guides.

Last stop of the day was nananu Island but thats the next entry...

See ya!

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