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On the Sleeper Bus 4269 9/30

One of Many Glaciers - In Distance

The Switchback Road

View of Valley We Parallel

Housing & Mtn Peaks

Clearing Road From Small Rockslide

Clearing Road From Small Rockslide

Bus Coming Thru...Hopefully!

Wow, Ugly Grey Rocks Aren't Ugly Inside!

Okay, Just One More Big One - Is That Time in the...

Coming Thru

Now Where Was the Operator of This Machine When We Needed Him?

Beautiful Fall Colors Along the River

View From Bus Window

More Great Color & Views

It Takes Your Breath Away

Too Bad There is No Perspective...This is a HUGE Rock Wall #4304...


Drank lots of water & tea, managed to clear out my system before we left at 10 but still a headache. Ten min. away we get to customs, stamped out of China, gained a few passengers who replaced those who stayed, and headed out at noon Beijing time. At 14:15 B time we crossed over Khunjerab Pass(4100-4978 m. depending on your source). Very narrow canyon – rock slide in the way, we all disembarked and cleared the road. Arrived in Sost 17:30 B. time after coming thru a most beautiful canyon. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy it as much as B & M. Yesterday the driver had the air on almost the entire trip but not so today – only a small hatch in the roof was open. It was very stuffy, cigarette smoke was omnipresent and my head was zinging from the altitude. I did see colorful gold, red, & yellow fall colors of the scant trees & bushes along the stream bed as we snaked our way down down to 2700-3000 m. in Sost. Also, glancing up once in awhile I saw the snow packed peaks but mostly just lay on my side, eyes shut waiting to get to lower elevation. B & M said they saw at least 22 glaciers and lots of great views.

We went to Asia Star Hotel – Asif the owner who guides during the summer and speaks 7-8 languages has lots of info being born & bred locally. He and his friend cooked us dinner since none of the other restaurants were open(he walked around w/ us asking) – last day of Ramadan. Very good food and reasonable price as well!

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