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Calf Mountain Overlook

Sawmill Run Overlook

Sawmill Run Overlook

Moormans River Overlook

Riprap Overlook

Talus Slopes

Talus Slopes

Browns Gap Overlook

Doyles River Overlook

Big Run Overlook

Rockytop Overlook

Brown Mountain Overlook

Loft Mountain Overlook

View from Car - Near Loft Mountain Overlook

South River Overlook

Franklin Cliffs Overlook

Timber Hollow Overlook

Thorofare Mountain Overlook

Stony Man Overlook

Stony Man

Hughes River Gap

Hazel Mountain Overlook

Hazel Mountain Overlook

Today Barb and I visited Shenandoah National Park -- or at least a part of it. We entered the Skyline Drive at the Rockfish Gap Station on the south end and drove north as far as Thornton Gap Station.

Of course we had to stop at most of the overlooks and at least pull over at the others. It was cloudy or overcast most of the day so we didn't have a pretty sky in most of our photos. Usually the plants, rocks and such at a scenic overlook site were prettier than the mountains themselves. There generally was too much haze over the mountains in the distance to make good pictures.

We ate lunch at the Big Meadows restaurant and had their fried chicken special. For dessert we had blackberry ice cream. Was it ever good! My taste buds are still dancing for joy.

We got back to the campground well after dark but we didn't have any trouble finding our way. It was so dark in the campground, though, that I pulled into Barb's site so she could see how to get to her door safely. Because of the darkness, I couldn't see to back out so I left Sweet Pea at her site and walked to my own site. Barb lent me her flashlight.

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