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July 20

We left Montréal with a continuing torrential downpour. Our target was somewhere between Cornwall and Kingston with the notion of staying two nights and taking a boat tour of the Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence River. As we drove, the rain became progressively lighter and the weather reports on the good old CBC radio were reporting no rain in Kingston, which became our target.

By this time, Blue's gas gauge was blinking warning signs and we were delighted to find gas at 96.9 cents per litre, bucking the national trend. We found the Day's Inn where I had taken a business course put on by Queen's University in 1999. I had clearly recalled the excellent accommodation and service here as it emulated the business excellence being taught in our course. Sadly, there has been a serious decline in 8 years and the price was an outrageous $150 for the night.

We decided to move on and against all our national pride, get back to the US as soon as possible. That meant skipping the boat tour but we were getting pretty down on our experience here anyway. Of all the places we've been, the people we ran into in Kingston were the rudest and surliest with little exception.

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