In the COVID Bubble - Winter 2021 travel blog

When I looked in the mirror today, I scared myself. When you are an old lady especially a lady who often forgets how old she really is, this happens fairly often, but it is unusual to see that my hair is 2" shorter than it was at home. I put a stick of gum in my mouth and it felt like someone else had already chewed it for me. It is incredibly humid here.

We have been keeping an eye on Hurricane Eta, which continues to wander around aimlessly, but it looked like it was going to cut us off from our home away from home here in Titusville, if we didn't beat it down here. It was only a five hour drive and the traffic was light. We didn't even have to wait to refuel. The final hour the wind began to gust, challenging the driver to "keep her in the middle" and we were glad to pull in unscathed. The executive suite is clean and bug-free as we left it, something you don't take for granted when you live in the jungle. Half an hour after we got here, friends pulled up in their golf cart and filled us in on all the latest news and gossip. It felt good to have someone to talk to besides one another.

There's been a lot of rain here already and we're due for more before Eta moseys elsewhere, but experience tells us that it will quickly soak into the ground and be gone. Then maybe my hair will get longer again.

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