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When we first retired, we spent the winter much as we still spend the rest of the year: running around the country/world seeing new places, learning about them, meeting new people. I remember chatting with one of our neighbors at home and feeling somewhat superior, because she and her husband just went to the same condo in Florida every winter and were doing the same old, same old. Things change. After ten years of running around in the winter, it became clear to us that there were really only two places that had long term appeal. One ended up being our campground here in Titusville and the other, Tucson. All things being equal, I like Tucson better. This medium size city has lots of the urban culture and activities that we enjoy, easy to get to compared to the congestion we often battle at home in Chicago. The city is surrounded by mountains, desert and the opportunity to do things outside. Because it hardly every rains, we can plan on a tee time on the golf course a week away and know that the weather will be fine. But Tucson is so far away. It took us 2- ½ days of driving to get here. Tucson generally take twice as long. There are winter impacted places to get through on either route, but on the drive to Arizona we have twice as many chances to encounter unwanted adventures. Here our campground is much, much nicer than the parking lot style we stay in in Tucson, but the cultural and retail opportunities on this part of the Florida coast are sadly lacking. The other variable is the cold. We watch both spots every winter and generally if the weather is cold in Tucson, it's much warmer here - or vice versa. At tennis here Ken was surprised to be recognized by a Canadian man we played tennis with in Tucson. He had been disappointed by the cold last winter and decided to make the trek east. Toss a coin.

Ken's repair list remains as long as ever. The ice machine is back in action. It dawned on him that he had not changed the water filter in forever and the antifreeze he used to winterize our rig aggravates the situation. He put in a new filter and the thump of cubes falling into the receptacle put a smile on his face. The man is an iceaholic.

With light hearts we set off to a cocktail party given by a podcast listener who has become a good friend who lives in the million dollar home subdivision here. After lots of good conversation we got back in the golf cart for the ride back to our lot. About two blocks later the cart pulled sharply to the right. It felt like a tire blow out, but in the darkness we could not see what was wrong. Ken could drive in reverse, but going forward the passenger wheel turned inward like a bad case of pigeon toe. We walked home in the dark, hoping that all the alligators nearby were not hungry. There is a golf cart sale and repair place in our park, so we headed back in the morning to arrange a tow with them from the spot where we left our cart stranded in the street. Tomorrow we should get a clue about how long that will take to be repaired. The repair list is not getting any shorter. All you need is $$$.

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