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I have finally (with some help!) managed to figure out how to get online. However, managing pictures still eludes us both.

I will continue to make notes about what sort of information should go in this journal, and take photos. When we get home (will be on Sunday, September 15), we'll get busy downloading all the photos we have taken and posting the notes for the journal.

Meanwhile, we're reallly enjoying what we are seeing. Glacier Bay is proving the highlight of the trip for us as Sam is just not up to doing enough walking to go ashore. For Glacier Bay, we can see and do everything from the ship. Of course, given the size of this huge ship, it takes quite a bit of walking to get from our stateroom (near the rear or "aft" of the ship) to most of the things we would like to see (at the front or "bow" of the ship).

So, for now, we're having a great time, eating entirely too much very good food, and enjoying the entertainment provided by the ship. Details to come when we get home.

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