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Dinner at Prime

Prime is one of the two specialty restaurants





Trying a red wine

Lamb chops


Gran Marnia souffle

Mosaic lounge


Dancing with Sasha and Dyma






Fantastic performance

Off to see the sea lions


First the sheep


The drink - mate (m aa t ae)

Gaucho dressed in full regalia


The scarf prevents a sunburned neck


Removing the wool






The fleece


Different qualities


A brunch


Barren desert

Sea Lions








Back "home"






Specialty dinner





Anne is so beautiful

04 08 Feb. 17-18, 2019 At Sea

Instead of taking 2 days at sea to reach Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands, we headed to a calmer part of the South Atlantic and closer to the mainland. We dined at Prime C, one of the two premium restaurants and then enjoyed the dancing show by Sasha and Dyma - two very talented performers.

04 09 Feb. 19, 2019 Puerto Madryn, Argentina

We chose a two-stop tour that first took us to a sheep ranch - San Guillermo. Here out in the Patagonia pampas desert away from civilization, the owner decided to fashion his working ranch into a tourist attraction. We were told of the difficulties in maintaining the sheep and protecting them from predators (including poachers). Our guide held a tea kettle in one hand and poured it into a small cup with a straw as he drank the beverage of choice of the natives called mate (m aa t ae). A Gaucho dressed in full regalia moved the sheep that was to be shorn to a location right in front of the viewing stands. A professional using a mechanized shears removed the wool and the fleece in less than 10 minutes as we all watched. The owner then sorted the Marino wool according to quality and placed it in sorting bins. We had a brunch of deep-fried sweets with coffee before leaving the ranch for the sea where the sea lions were feeding their newborn pups. The ride was bumpy and dusty before we returned to the city. A dinner at Aqualina (the other of the two premium restaurants) completed the long day under a full moon.

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