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Dinner at Los Gallos in Bedford

Dos Compadres

"College Hunks" will move your stuff

Camp Mainline Truck and Trailer

The new wiper motor works great

Picture of T-rex for Finn and Ozzie

Winnie at Maple Lake Campground

Gnomes living on Penny Lane

Swinging from the sign

Genuine Tree Peeple

Sun rays before sunset at Maple Lake Campground

Colorful sunset at Maple Lake

We drove to Bedford, OH just outside of Cleveland to Mainline Truck and Trailer. We had previously scheduled Winnie to have some work done on the front end. We spent the night behind the garage at Mainline for an early morning appointment on Thursday. When I unhitched the Fit and started the engine, the check engine light came on along with the traction control warning light. Time to find a Honda dealer for some troubleshooting. Fortunately there was a dealer about 2 miles from where we were parked. I called and was able to get an appointment at 0745 on Thursday. It was going to be a busy Thursday morning.

This morning, Sue stayed with Winnie while I drove the Fit to Jay Honda. The Fit diagnosis was a bad spark plug and coil. That was the good news. The bad news was they charged $43 for each spark plug. It's lucky there are only 4. We got great, but expensive service from the dealer and I was on my way back to Mainline by 1200. I picked up Sue and we went out for lunch. By the time we got back, Winnie was done. We had expected for the work to take all day and to spend the night so it was a pleasant surprise we could leave mid-afternoon. We loaded up the Fit and headed south toward Columbus where we'll be spending the next week while I work. We made an intermediate stop at the Maple Lake Campground in Seville, OH for a couple of day because there wasn't any space at the Columbus area campground where we have reservations starting Saturday. I guess we'll take some time on Friday and get some laundry done.

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