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Since it was so warm yesterday, we were on the road a little before 0830 today. Plus we are getting more efficient in getting up and getting going in the morning. It was 72 degrees at 0800 and Miss Zoey enjoyed her walk, especially the trip to the dumpster. She loves those icky smells! Today will be a short day for us. Only about 5 hours. And it will be the final stop for these weary travelers.

I actually did a smart thing by cooking all of our meals ahead of time, and then freezing them. Except for the spaghetti dinner. I had made the sauce ahead but I still had to boil the noodles, and wouldn't you know I pick the spaghetti dinner for the night we are in Ely, at 6000 feet elevation. I kept wondering why it was taking so long for that water to boil. It took 1/2 an hour! But freezing everything ahead and then all you have to do is to microwave your dinner, it works out slick for traveling.

The traffic was pretty light, but we seemed to hit every red light while driving through Lake Havasu. Its such a cute little town. We stayed at the City park there before and it was really nice. Looks like they are putting in a new mall in Lake Havasu with a JCP and a Dillard's. That's a step up for them to have a real department store.

Then we drove through Quartzite, and the traffic and population was quite light also compared to our previous trips through. Of course we are 4 weeks earlier this year. There were a few Desert rats out there, but not like normal.

We stopped once to let Zoey have a short walk but we didn't stop for lunch like usual. We just headed right for Yuma. We drove past the Yuma Proving grounds which does have a Military campground there. I always wondered what does a proving ground actually do? Well its an Army base and this is where they test all the Army's new tanks, Humvees, guns, etc.

I guess they are proving that it works. The Navy would call that "testing". Or the test phase. Just saying...

We had to make a fuel stop, and there is a Flying J truck stop in Yuma, so we drove right in with no wait, and took on 74 gallons. And then we headed up into the Foothills to our new little place. We pulled in at 1300, and had to unlock the two drive through gates. We decided to park on the left side this time, and see if it is any cooler. It is 92 degrees and cooking outside. We can hardly wait to get in, park, hook up power and get those 2 AC units running. Zoey is panting, so I take her in the truck with me when we disconnect, and I park on the other side. It was so hot outside I decided to just leave her in the truck with the engine running and AC going full blast until we could get the RV parked and cooling off.

Once the RV is set up, we open up the Casita (house) and see how it faired over the summer. It looked OK inside but it smelled kinda icky. Spike had placed 3, 5 gallons buckets full of water in there and it had all evaporated, so we probably need to put more in next year. He had filled the toilet bowl up to the top and put saran wrap over it and we still had water in the bowl. (We had learned this is how you summer-ize a place in Arizona). Anyway we ran all the faucets, after turning the water back on, and everything works. I sprayed down the place with Febreeze and stuck an air fresher unit in there, and we opened up the place and aired it out. It smelled lots better an hour later!

Yesterday, at Needles, I actually got the local channels from Dish network in one phone call.(If you haven't noticed, calling Punjab at Dish network every day and jumping through their hoops is my pet peeve. That whole drill really trips my trigger. It just shouldn't be this hard, but it always is.) Today I was not so lucky. It Took a couple calls but I was in a much more patient mood than in Ely, the day of the freezer disaster.

Anyway we are thankful to finally be here, and we appreciate all of your prayers of protection for us. I will post you some new pictures tomorrow, so you will have something to look forward to. Many of you have inquired about what the inside looks like, so I'll see if I can get some decent photos for you. Tomorrow I think we might sleep in a bit instead of being a slave to the alarm clock.

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