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Going to Vermont we chose to take Rt 7 a two lane hwy rather than the freeway I89 up the New York side. The GPS argued with us the first 15 minutes we were on the road . The husband yelled at her and told me to cancel the route until we needed to find the hotel.

On the way we saw several fields with huge tents filled with horse stalls. As we drove, we saw the equestrian set ups. There were at least four competition fields. Food trucks and spectator bleachers. It would have been fun to stop and watch some of the riders. It is the first time I had seen live competition,an activity for another time.

There are no billboards along the highway and very few chain restaurants.We passed lots of big houses with wrap around porches. Vermont comes close to RT66 for kitsie attractions, which included a ten foot tall, motorized shopping cart, a 20' gorilla holding a full size Volkswagen over his head,a fleet of mini trucks with wine barrel bodies, and hundreds of adorondak chairs for sale. These chairs came in every size and color you can imagine. There were fields of solar panels. Sometimes they were next to a hay field being baled. side yard, or vacant parking lot.

A maple syrup museum caught our attention and we pulled off the road. They had a tasting room. I am not a fan of maple syrup. Too sweet. Well that's because I had never tried the dark variety. It tastes just like Amaretta, yum!

30 minutes later back on the road.

Arriving at our hotel we asked where to have lunch and they sent us to the Windjammer across the street with a 20% off coupon. Thinking about a home cooked meal we ordered the meatloaf. It came as a meatball filled with large chunks of vegetables whose moisture caused it have the consistency of baby food. It was accompanied by potatoe chips, stale and obviously the bottom of the bag. All for the low low price of $14.99 a plate. Unfortunately for them a what do you think card came with the check. Nuff said!

We were unable to find the right size tires in Burlington,VT for our truck. Maybe at the next stop.

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