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Heading down to the Terry Ranch menagerie

Looked well maintained down there.


Indeed, a very active bison ranch. They raise all the buffalo served...

All the animals were well fed and had ample paddocks.

Mini donkeys and VERY mini horses...or mini ponies?

Every ranch should have a few ostriches, right?

And an Old West town. Train rides and 4wd rides over the...

Before one reaches the RV sites, it is a very impressive complex...

Then you have to drive to your site. It looked worse than...

Well, I won't remember much of the Wyoming capitol building!

Nice dome though

Visited the site in 2013, but had to return. It's undoubtedly the...


And a statue of Lane Frost, gored and died right there in...

I was really looking forward to staying at the RV park in Cheyenne. The name, Terry Bison Ranch, was right up my alley, and all sorts of activities and amenities were listed on their website. Even horseback riding. Besides that, they were a Passport America member so I got 50% off my first night.

Then, I drove to my site. It was gravel, filled with weeds, cigarette butts, ruts, and my neighbor looked fulltime resident and sketchy. He had a little trailer and all the windows were covered with foil with no visibility anywhere. I wondered what he grew/did in there. The ranch has a fabulous history and my expectations were shattered.

The original Terry Ranch was sold in 1885 to a Mr. F.E. Warren who over a period of about 30+ years became the richest man in Wyoming. In addition to making a fortune in cattle, sheep and a state-wide mercantile business, he was one of the first senators from Wyoming and remained in that position for 35 years. (Though I am a proponent of term limits, I won't hold that against Mr. Warren.) President Theodore Roosevelt stayed at the ranch twice and "Blackjack" Pershing visited so many times he ended up marrying Warren's daughter. The ranch is now owned by the Thiel family and consists of 27,500 acres and stretches into Colorado. 'Course that's not hard to do as Colorado is only a mile down the road. I thought of taking Boots there to add another state to his resume but he didn't want to go.

I didn't go horseback riding. I didn't eat in their fancy restaurant that had top bison on the menu or even buy anything in their extensive gift shop. I couldn't understand how such a wealthy enterprise could offer such run-down, littered, unkempt RV sites. I felt dirty here so did a quickie run to the capitol building and the Cheyenne Frontier Days arena and came back to listen to the thunder.

Still, I was a heck of a lot luckier in this cowboy town than Lane Frost had been.

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