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As planned I left the Freightliner facility in Gaffney and drove here to visit my sister. Ken stayed behind to deal with the motor home inspection and when I phoned him at 2, he was happy to say that all was in good repair and he was ready to leave. I met him at the campground here and we have settled in to a site overlooking a lake, surrounded by trees, just beginning to show fall colors. We feel so lucky that this lovely campground is here, about five miles from my sister's home. It was good that she took some time off work to visit with us, but not good that she just began a course of antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection. So, we are trying to be considerate guests, arriving late and leaving early so she can have some time for a nap; it's hard to sleep when you are coughing all the time. Living in our "house" nearby means she doesn't need to prepare beds or cook much for us. That leaves us lots of time to talk, something I really crave. I feel caught up with her family developments and ready to meet our nieces, new grandniece and grandnephews as they trickle in over the weekend after work and school. Although the weather is not important, we must say that sunshine and temperatures in the low 80ยบ's make it even nicer to be here.

We could have used an extra nap ourselves today. Staying up to see the amazing end of the world series had us biting our nails until 1am. And the Cubs finally did it! We can hear our friends and neighbors cheering all the way here. Lovable losers no longer.

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