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Moon set at 4AM

The officers as we leave the ship for a day in Venice

On the vaporetto

The Rialto Bridge - our meeting place for the food tour

Our group

An ancient clock

The place for the town crier of Venice

First food

Shop with stand-up eating outside

Inside the shop

Farmers' market



Zucchine flowers - for deep frying


Fish market


Trying to get away!


Bread - we left the tour just about now


A restaurant display

Rain in Venice


Back at the ship. Anne - ready for the Chef's Table

At the table

Chef Monica introduces the menu

Pouring the fine wine





A capuchino to cap off the evening at the Mosaic Lounge

Thursday, Sept 15, 2016 Venice Food Tour & Chef’s Table

At 4 in the morning, we experienced a beautiful moon-set on the horizon. Tom managed to capture it in all its glory. We rose early and had breakfast in our room. Then down the gangplank and off to find the vaporetto ticket booth which was a tobacco store with a long line stretching out from it. We were booked for a food tour of Venice and had to be at the Rialto Bridge at 11AM, so getting the vaporetto early was imperative.

We met with the rather large group of twelve and after some description of the tour, we headed to the first stop of cheese, salami, and olives. It was a stand-up (local custom) outside the store place. Then we wandered through the farmers’ market and fish market. Fish is a staple in the Venetian diet. Next we sampled freshly baked rolls. And lots of deep-fried snacks filled with unidentified things. There was more to the tour, but it seemed to drag on and the weather looked threatening so we opted out. Anyway we were quite full and did not need any pasta (that was next - we found out later that the tour dragged on for six hours!). As we left the group, it began to rain with umbrellas covering us and the other people on the streets. We returned to the ship and after a rest, dressed for the “Chef’s Table.” This is a wonderful treat where the food is matched with fine wines and where Head Chef Monica comes out and explains the food in great detail. The wine steward explains the matching of the food as each course is served. After our favorite after-dinner stop for port and Cointreau at Mosaic Lounge, we packed our luggage and placed it outside our room for pick-up and later delivery to the port building. The next morning we reluctantly departed from our ship and headed to the Venice train station on the vaporetto. Our next stop Verona.

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