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Venice on paper!

Traffic on main road

Different traffic

After lunch

More traffic

Not on the High Street

A wide street

A side street

Saturday morning, warm and sunny, lots of departures so we moved to a waterfront pitch with beautiful views, no puddles, and room to put chairs and table outside in the sun. But it was a mixed day with lots of dark grey cloud. Sunday similar, met the young lady in the next camper, travelling on her own with her 10 month old little girl, Katy, and French bulldog Amy, who sadly has useless back legs and has a trolley to get around on. In Germany, she told me, they have paid maternity leave until the children's first birthday, so she's made the most of it and been doing this for several months. Good on her.

Monday dawned bright and sunny so we caught the 9am ferry which took just 20 mins over to land us in the midst of Venice, where we made our way to St Mark's Square which was already crowded, then along the front of the Doge's Palace, where we had to battle our way thru hoardes of Japanese and American tourists in packs of what seemed like hundreds from bus tours, all coming towards us. We turned off the main drag into a side street and immediately the atmosphere changed. We spent the rest of the morning meandering around these areas, vaguely heading in the direction of the restaurant Jenny and Douglas had recommended. Found it and then sat for nearly 3 hours enjoying our drinks and eventually our wonderful lunch, watching the world go by on the Grand Canal. It was SO busy, it was simply amazing there were no calamities....water taxis, water buses, fire engine boats, ambulance boats, police boats, builders boats, delivery boats loaded with everything just as delivery vans on roads, and even a hearse boat went passed us. Fascinating to watch, and so colourful. We just loved soaking up the atmosphere.

Got the ferry back late afternoon, only around the corner from the campsite, good job as we walked nearly 7 miles over the day! Feet up, watching tv tonight!

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