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1910 Church at Telkwa

Driftwood Canyon Hike

Mountains around Smithers

From the Top of Hudson Bay Mountain

A man and his Dog

A cold place to have to go on the Mountain

June 24th

First order of the day was helping an elderly couple get their van out of the ditch. Just part of travelling with other seniors! Longest drive of the trip so far from Fraser Lake to just outside Smithers and Tyhee Lake Provincial Park. The vista’s we have seen as we come over the hill have been just stunning. The foliage has changed from fir to Black Cotton and spruce forest has been stunning. It is dark green, blue green and grey green forests. Bill saw the second Bear of the drive along side the road. We stopped in Burns Lake (great coffee!!!) and passed through Houston along the way. It is some of the most amazing countryside we have seen. Towards the end of the drive snow covered mountains appeared on the horizon as we got closer to Smithers. For the next 2 nights we are in Tyhee Lake which gives us a chance to see Smithers and area. Unfortunately the potable water is not fit to drink so we are conserving until we get to the next site with water. The day started clear sunny and warm (a first for all three). The first stop was Driftwood Canyon Provincial park for fossil viewing which turned out to be mostly pictures of what was found there as the cliffs were too high up to see anything in place. The walk in however was gorgeous. It was a 14km drive into the canyon and we were the only ones there at the start of the walk so again we are experiencing a lot of sites and stops with very few people around. We walked around downtown Smithers which has a Bavarian themed village and is obviously a young person’s town with coffee shops and funky clothing stores. Then a long climb up mostly a dirt road up to Hudson Bay Mountain ( lots of dirt bikers on the mountain) and a short walk to see the vista. Lots of bugs (I had my scarf over my mouth for the climb) I hope the pictures do the view justice as the day got a bit cloudier as it went on. Back to our site by the lake as we prepare to move on to New Hazleton tomorrow.

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