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Golden Tree snake

Maxi the croc

Flatback Turtle laying her eggs on the beach

croc jumping cruise

In Kakadu we went on a early morning cruise on yellow river on the way we saw the sunrise and a man found a little snake in the trees. The snake was called golden tree snake. It might take some time to find it and two saltwater crocodiles were haing around the edge and a duck came past it. When I first saw it I thought it was a freshwater crocodile. The bottom croc is named Maxi which is the biggest crocodile in the river and then the other croc challenge him to a fight and maxi won the match because maxi bit the other crocodile on the neck and the other croc drowned to the bottom of the river and only one crocodile can be the biggest crocodile in each river. Maxi was 3 metres long and the crocodile on the crocodile that's on the top of the pictures after that cruise we went to Gunlom falls. First we had to climb up some rocks then we could see the view and pools and the waterfall was really warm and I got a picture of the lookout. And the pools as well.

The water had little fish. On the way back it was much better than going down than up. One of the signs said Actung, no swimming because there were saltwater crocodiles.

From Kakadu we drove to Cobourg Peninsula which is a 5 hour drive. We are at Cobourg Peninsula ranger station and my sister and I got two word searchers. Inside the ranger station there were picture of 10 meters long croc eating a turtle on the beach. When we found our campsite we thought it was awesome. Before we go to bed we saw a children's python. Then last night we saw a turtle on the beach digging a hole in the sand and laying eggs. We couldn't really see the eggs. She burries her eggs to protect them from goannas and crocodiles. 

On the way back, we saw a skeleton of bones put together by my mum but it didn't have a skull.

We went fishing and in 15 minutes my dad caught an 80cm Black Tipped Reef shark which we ate for dinner. It was delicious. My sister used to like fish but when she saw its insides, she says she will never eat fish again.

Near the broken jetty, when my dad was fishing, we saw a shark that came right near the rocks and fish jumping out of the water to get away from the shark. We also saw a crocodile about 3 metres long swimming in the ocean far away from us.

Emily and I made friends with Dylan and Hayley who were from Darwin. We played Uno and Monopoly and shared pancakes for breakfast with them.

Dad caught another shark from the beach that was 1 metre long and my mum went crazy because she thought it was going to bite Dad. Dad finally got the hook out of his mouth then released it back into the ocean. We saw brolgas, jabirus, whistling kites, lizards around the wetlands.

The day we left it was pouring with rain. My dad, grandma and mum were soaked to the bone when they packed up the tent. My sister and I stayed dry in the car. We drove through lots of puddles, one was 100 metres long. Cobourg Peninsula doesn't get much rain in July.

We had to cross through the East Alligator River which had crocs on both sides. After parking the car, we walked to the viewing platform and saw a man fishing from the crossing right near the water and a huge crocodile. He was crazy!

We camped at Merl campsite near the East Alligator River. There were mosquitoes EVERYWHERE!! We called this 'Mozzie Masacre Night' because we were getting eaten alive. The next morning we walked around Ubirr and found lots of Aboriginal rockart. Some of the paintings were over 5000 years old. There were paintings of fish, turtles and people. There was a dreamtime story of two sisters who turned themselves into crocodiles and ate people swimming in the river as a joke. We climbed to the top of the rock and saw a beautiful view over the wetlands.

(Friday 15th July). This morning we went on a jumping crocodile cruise in the Adelaide River. These are called Estuarine Crocodiles and not salt water crocodiles because they can live in salt water and fresh water. Tourists can get confused and think there are only freshwater crocodiles living in the freshwater. I asked how many crocodiles were in this river and he thought about 3,000. When we got on the boat, a 4 metre crocodile swam straight up to the boat. The captain put out some buffalo meat on a stick which made the crocodile jump up out of the water to eat it. Bruno was the biggest crocodile,  he was 5.5 metres long, was as big as our boat and was 90 years old. We also saw a baby crocodile that was about 40cm long on its own.  I love seeing crocodiles and reptiles. The weather is a bit colder and was 26 degrees today.

Tomorrow we will drive to Western Australia. We will have been to 6 states in 6 weeks!

I hope Phoenix isn't too sad about the Swans and that everyone enjoyed their site school holidays.

Please write back to me as I miss you & would like to hear what you have been up to.

Love Jack.

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