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Bottomless Lake State Park

Our parking area, 9 strong growing to 15

Visiting the Aliens









The WINS finally meet the aliens!!

Double Eagle Ranch...home of Mine That Bird...winner of the Kentucky Derby in...

Linda and Mine That Bird. I have never been that close to...

3 day old colt...what a beauty!!

Don't ya love it!!




We arrived at Bottomless Lake State Campground Saturday. I found out why they called this Bottomless Lake. Most of small lakes of this area were originally caves, or sinkholes, flooded by seepage from the underground water table, and exposed due to gradual erosion of the overlying rocks. They caved in and you had a sinkhole or in this case.. Bottomless Lake. The cowboys used to come here for water, and tried to measure how deep it was. They couldn't find the bottom to they named it "Bottomless Lake".

The next day we were off to visit the aliens at the Alien Museum in Roswell. After going there, it makes you wonder what exactly happened on that day in 1947. There are is a lot of paperwork stating that whatever crashed was not of a human form. Whether you are a believer or not, it certainly makes you wonder.

We went to a horse ranch called the Double Eagle Ranch, home of the 135th winner of the Kentucky Derby, Mine that Gold. I was really surprised when I saw him. He is only 14.5 hands high. Most Thoroughbreds are around 15.5 to 16 hand. Anyway he was stocky and was feely rather princely...he has been retired since because he is a gelding, but has won his hay money since. Want to watch a really cool movie, look up "50 to One" on redbook.

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