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School assembly

Our cooks

Donkey and "todonky"

Plowing with oxen

Flower and...

Small sail boat

The Guesthouse from the beach

Kitty and a tree

At the beach

Sail boat

Another sail boat

Fish on a stick and a cell phone

Repairing nets

The team gets wet

Cow plus

View from my room

Clothing distribution - before

Clothing distribution - after

Down along the coast

A quiet day. Up around 8:00 and a lazy breakfast. Then we head off to the site where we think where the clinic should be. We walked off the dimensions - about 320x190 feet. Adam made a sketch and we chatted about what would be most useful and most beneficial.

Then off to the beach. Kitty and I walked up the beach a ways and saw a woman gathering fish from one of the sailboats and put on a stick - plus lots of boats and seaweed.

Then back down the beach and see the rest of the team was in the water - and we kept on going to the distant point. Got quite rocky and lots of shells and snails. Also many piles of crushed shells - to spread on the soil. Back to the team and they were still hanging out, so we decided to walk back to the guesthouse. Got a little lost but eventually found our way. Lots of farm animals - cows, sheep, goats, chickens, and the occasional pig.

Back at the guesthouse we ate lunch then handed out some of the clothes to the local kids - mostly boys (orphanage only boys) but several girls as well. Many of the kids took off their pants before coming to get the new stuff until we had to tell them to stop.

Then a kid came in with a bad infection on his leg and Kitty dealt with that (with some advice from Adam). Then we went for a walk down the beach.

A bunch of kids followed us and would not leave us alone. We found some nice shells then one of the kids handed us some and wanted money. Walking along the coast was quite beautiful - cliff and beach and lots of interesting flowers. We came up on a cistern with a bunch of people getting water to take home. Then up the hill to see what we could see - more farm fields and cows...

Headed back and came across the foundation of a hotel that overlooked the ocean - looks like it had been there a while. Kids were still with us, but when we got to the beach several of the team were there looking for us for dinner! Then back and dinner.

Quiet evening. Some of the team played cards, Kitty studied for her boards, and I went through the pictures. Tomorrow we are supposed to meet with the "mayor" (of the whole island) and another team is supposed to arrive.

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