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Carpes boondocking in Wal*Mart parking lot

Traffic heading into El Paso

Downtown El Paso

This idiot nearly took Carpe's front end off
Dash cam still

Give 'er the gas folks...

Entering Centeral Time Zone west of Van Horn

I 20 heads northeast east of Van Horn

Lotsa room to swing a cat out here

Mountains were moved for this Interstate

Fri, 12 Feb: Another road day...

We had a pretty restful nite at the Anthony TX Camping World. The interstate was a tad too close for our liking so we heard plenty of road noise. But, close-to-interstate free parking isn't always quiet.

We didn't rush our morning, enjoying a relaxing breakfast and getting ready for the road. We'd disconnected the car last evening in order to jump start it, so we had to reconnect it. After going thru our checklist and checking the tow car's brakes and lites, we rolled out of the Camping World lot a few minutes after nine.

Heading east on I 10 toward El Paso it wasn't too long before we started picking up the remainder of the morning commute. Rush hour is never fun, but Texas-style is always interesting. And, to make matters even more interesting, there was considerable construction thru town which only added to the madness.

Somehow we survived and were soon on the eastern end of town and heading into the rural areas. With Bob's help Sandi somehow relaxed her death grip on the steering wheel. The drive to Van Horn was comparatively uneventful, with the exception of numerous construction zones. West of Van Horn we entered the Central Time Zone and "lost" an hour.

We arrived at the Van Horn Pilot/Flying J a few minutes before noon and added 60 gallons of diesel to Carpe's tank. With our RV Plus discount we paid $1.889/gallon, filling the coach for fewer than $115. It has been quite some time since that happened.

After filling the tank we pulled into a nearby parking area for lunch. Following lunch Bob took the helm and continued east to Fort Stockton. We pulled into the Fort Stockton Wal*Mart a bit before three (all times are Mountain Standard Time). We found a mostly level spot and made ourselves at home.

It was an exhausting day and following a bowl of soup for dinner we fell into bed well before nine. The lot was fairly quiet for a Friday evening and, once the store closed, it was downright peaceful.

Today's run was 258 miles with an overall economy of 8⅞ mpg.

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