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Today I wanted to go visit the Place Espana and the Catalonia Museum first then sort of wing it.

We hoped on the Metro and headed out. Tom and I love attempting to assimilate into our surrounding where ever we go so the Metro really makes us feel like locals. We discovered long ago in Paris the quickest best way to move from one section of the City to another is the Metro and this has proven effective in every way. We have been able to really know the City of Paris intimately this way.

Barcelona's Metro is every bit as wonderful as the one in Paris with one exception. They don't seem to ventilate the stations. The minute you walk down into the stations you are immediately hit with a blast of hot air which continues until you actually board a train. The trains are well air conditioned. It's actually very stuffy and claustrophobic in that environment. I think today it overwhelmed us a bit maybe because it was also very warm outside in the sun and we just couldn't cool down enough. Regardless we enjoyed the beautiful Place Espana and the park containing the Catalonia Museum. Also there was a never ending water fountain that spilled from one level to another in magical motions of spray. The 1992 Olympics were held in Barcelona and you can tell that this park area was built in homage to the many Nations attending the Olympics with it's painted on Greek columns, Italian towers to the front resembling the architecture in Venice and Florence, and very subtle pagoda style swings. It was really beautiful. We braved the hot metro again and headed towards the port for lunch. The Port area was also completely revitalized at the time the Olympics were there and it was quite beautiful. After lunch we walked back in the direction of our hotel but rather than going up La Ramble we paralleled it through the Gotica section. This seems to be the oldest part of the City and has very narrow passage streets in between the streets for cars. When you are walking in these narrow alley ways you can look up and see balcony on each side that practically touch each other in the center. We wound our way around the old churches and buildings, as we neared a corner you could hear the beautiful sound of a Spanish guitar echoing in the not too far distance. We approached and with many other people became mesmerized by the sounds of Spain. Exhausted and still feeling the heat of the day we slowly made it back to the hotel for a much needed nap before dinner.......

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