Spain - March 2015 travel blog

The beach of Chiclana with the old castle in the background

Our group on the boardwalk

Too much of a view!

Maria and Steve

Mercedes and Connie

Our beachfront restaurant

Hot crusty bread

Sal Morejo - a cold soup like gazpacho

Salad with roasted tomatoes, peppers, onions and fresh tuna

Grilled fish platter

After we were finished :)

Fish eye ball - I was bored

Fish eye balls with lemon


A shot of something cold and strong!

I had a wonderful blog post all written in Word and when I went to copy it to the blog, I lost it. :( So until I can recreate it, you will have to settle for some pictures instead!

Recreated my deleted blog post!

Our morning started early, but the rest of the house wasn't quite awake yet so Steve and I sat out in the sun watching the cats and the chickens. Maria fixed us a wonderful breakfast with fresh eggs, bacon, sausage and a fresh orange. Later, Maria was ready to head out so the three of us walked down the road towards the flamenco museum. Unfortunately it was closed so we walked over to the supermarket instead - all we needed was butter. However when we got into the store, we decided to order some fresh baked whole grain bread which would be ready in 30 minutes. While we waited we gave Steve the tour, including the fresh fish section and then he learned about Spanish ham and olive oil. Next it was on to the wine section where we learned about local wines, and decided to pick up 3 bottles, since we were there and all (wink). Then we remembered we needed some Himalayan salt and pepper in a grinder so we picked up those items and then headed back for the bread - 5 hot loaves - yum! On to the checkout and we walked back to Mercedes' house. The rest of the family was up and ready to go by then, except Cristina decided to stay home as she needed to study - she is working towards her Masters degree. The 5 of us piled into the Opal and headed towards the beaches of Chiclana.

When we reached the beaches about 20 minutes later, the restaurants that Mercedes and Eva wanted us to go to were both still closed for the season, but we found another one on the beach that was just re-opening called Chiringuito de Barrosa. We were the only ones there so we had the full attention of the owner. While the ladies discussed options with the owner (no menu) Steve and I enjoyed the lively discussion. We knew that the ladies would take care of us, and oh my....the food that came out of the kitchen was muy bueno!!!! First we had hot fresh crusty rolls and olives. That was followed by 3 large bowls of a cold soup called sal morejo which is like a gazpacho and popular in the area known as Exgremaduea located in west central Spain near Portugal. After the soup, a large platter with salad, roasted peppers and tomatoes and fresh tuna came to our table. It had a light dressing of olive oil. Then it was time for the main course - two large platters, each loaded with 4 different types of fish - filleted but with the head on. There were also two large bowls of a type of salsa with fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers and olive oil. Oh my word, it was SO good!

While we finished eating, I started playing with the fish heads, removed the eyeballs and made a nice arrangement - see photo - hehe. The fish parts did not go to waste though as Mercedes' dog eats all the extra fish parts. So we got a real doggie bag - the owner is probably still talking about us! The finale of our late lunch was small ice cream snacks, and the owner brought Steve a small glass of a cold yellow liquor. I had to take a sip and I felt chest hair immediately sprout - my oh my it was strong!

Then it was on to "old" Chiclana for a little shopping. Maria had told me about a jewelry store that had wonderful jewelry and cultured pearls that I "had" to see. We walked through the old town which was lively after the stores reopened, and found the jewelry store. After much oohing and ahhing, I found several items that I "needed". We had to go to another jewelry store to pay with my debit card, and while we were there, I found a Pearl and silver bracelet that was calling my name. I answered..... So, I treated myself to several nice pieces of jewelry - something to remember our trip. Then as we were walking back to the car, we came across a fabric store that was about to close. I asked the owner if we could look around and of course I found a beautiful fabric that will make into a wonderful quilt - so that was purchased too! Then we finally made it to the car without any more stops and headed back to the house.

Since Steve and I were leaving early in the morning, we decided to get our bags packed and go to bed early - especially since we had had a late night the previous evening. It was hard to say goodbye to Eva and Christina (since they would be gone by the time we return in a week). Although we had just met them, we became friends quickly. (The older I get, the harder it is to say goodbye to someone I know I may never see again....does anyone else feel that way?)

We went to bed with the sound of the roosters crowing which meant that there was going to be a change in the weather......

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