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Carpes at the Yuma County Fairgrounds

Driving CA 79 north of Hemet

Climbing out of the Moreno Valley on CA 79

Heading for Banning on US 79

Below sea level near the Salton Sea

Approaching the Colorado River and not California

We escape California!

Thu, 19 Feb: We escape California...

Up early this morning and get things ready for the road. We have a longish (> 225 miles) day and we'll "lose" an hour at the border as we return to Mountain Time. Parking at the fairgrounds starts at two and we'd like to be there about then.

Once thru our checklists and the car connected Bob rolled us out of our campsite about quarter past nine. The roads in Wilderness Lakes are a tad tight, so it was slow and easy till we reached the main highway.

We backtracked to CA 79, but this time we bypassed Hemet and missed many lites and much traffic. We picked up I 10 eastbound at Banning and made good time to CA 86 at Indio. South on 86 to CA 111 north of the Salton Sea. We are always impressed when driving in the vicinity of the Salton Sea when our GPS indicates that we are several hundred feet below sea level. Cool!

We swapped drivers north of Niland and stopped for lunch in Niland. A quick "nuke" of some frozen burgers and we were back on the road within a half hour. We drove thru Brawley and picked up I 8 east of El Centro. East on I 8 to the Colorado River, Arizona, and Yuma—today's destination.

We arrived at the Yuma County Fairgrounds about half past two and joined the parking queue. When it was our time we were shown to a good location right next to pals Tom & Debbie Abernathy. They're our next door neighbors at RoVer's Roost so it just "felt right" to be next to them here.

Today's run was 226 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8⅛ mpg.

Sat, 18 Feb: A busy few days...

We've been at the Yuma Fairgrounds since Thursday attending a HAM radio convention. We are nowhere "into" HAM radio the way some of these folks are. These people live and breath HAM radio. We visited the vendors and Bob bought some computer wires and LED lites. Other than that we kept our gelt in our pocket.

We went to dinner with the Abernathys and several other new-to-us friends. Lunch on Saturday with the same folks at our favorite Mexican place.

Tomorrow we'll head back to Casa Grande.

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