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Welcome to Williams, AZ - a nice town in Northern Arizona.

We stayed at the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park. Very nice park.

There was a young couple camping in this van at the RV...

We had a drink in the bar in the hotel.

We walked around a bit and discovered this engine from Michigan!

The day started with an outdoor western show with real cowboys and...

They dragged Ed from the audience to be a part of it.

The Marshall was going to arrest Ed for being a card cheat.

Next we got to board the train to the Grand Canyon.

The cowboys waved goodbye to us, but on the way back they...

And away we go.

Our car on the train was so comfortable. This car was made...

Our view from the train.

One of the entertainers on the train.

Train ride was about 2 hours long.

Our first glimpse of the Grand Canyon.

You can see the Angel Bright trail from the Visitor Center.

No wonder it is one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

Here is the beginning of the Angel Bright trail. We have never...

Ready to take the shuttle to a drop-off point.

We took a shuttle bus a couple of miles and then hiked...

Ed on the Rim Trail.

A view from the Rim Trail.

On the Rim Trail. Some parts were wider than others. I didn't...

Every turn was another beautiful view.

Ed got closer to the edge of the trail than I was...

This is as close as I wanted to get. You can see...

We took a lot of photos and I think they are all...

No wonder everything was breathtaking. We were at such a high elevation.

So beautiful.

Most of the Rim Trail did not have any railings.

Waiting to get back on the train headed back to Williams. I...

This was one of the train robbers. They walked through the train...

Safely back home, relaxed and refreshed.

Back to Christmas lights.

And Christmas decorations. (Too soon!)

It is difficult to describe how amazing it is to see the Grand Canyon. We have been there several times before, but it still took our breath away when we caught our first glimpse this year.

We stayed at a very nice RV Park in the town of Williams that was part of the Grand Canyon Railway property. In fact, it was one of the nicest RV parks we have stayed in. The weather was a little chilly as we were at 7000 ft elevation and on the fringe of the Alaskan Chill Express that was headed south and east. But it was sunny and with a jacket on, it was tolerable. After getting all settled in our site, we walked around the property and even had a drink in their very nice pub bar. The hotel and grounds were all decorated for Christmas. Even though it seemed a little too early for me, it all looked very pretty, especially at night when all the lights were on.

The next day we were up early as there was a Cowboy/Western show before we boarded the train we wanted to see. It was entertaining and part of the entertainment was pulling someone from the audience to participate. For some reason, they picked Ed and he became part of the skit. They dealt him a poker hand and then they accused him of card cheating and were going to shoot him. He played along and we all had fun and a good laugh at his expense.

We boarded the train and were very impressed with how nice the train car was and how comfy. They served us coffee, juice, fresh fruit, and pastries. It seemed like every employee from the train company came out of their offices and stood on the platform to wave goodbye to us. We also had entertainment on the train with a roving singer/guitar player and a county western violinist (who was not very good). It was a little over 2 hour trip and the ride was enjoyable and scenic. If you have been to the Grand Canyon, you know it is mostly flat leading up to the Canyon and that is what makes it such a wonderful surprise when you finally get there.

After admiring the view from the Visitors Center, we took one of the shuttle buses to one of the stops on the Western side of the Canyon. We hiked several miles along the Rim Trail and had to stop frequently to take in the gorgeous scenery. Most of the trail we were on was not paved and very narrow in some spots. Made me a bit nervous, especially since most of the way there was not any railings or barriers to a certain death if you fell or slipped.

We had a great day and never tire of seeing the breathtaking scenery of the Grand Canyon. But I was glad to get back on the train and sit back and relax. They served us cheese and crackers and drinks on the way back and threw in a train robbery on the way just for kicks. We arrived back just after it got dark, having to stop a couple of times because there were cows on the track, and it was pretty coming into the station with all the Christmas lights on.

Once again, we feel so lucky to be able to travel around the country and see such wonderful sights as the Grand Canyon. We are blessed to live in a country with so much to offer in the way of natural beauty. And we are so lucky to be old enough to have the National Senior Pass. What a great benefit for being old!

I know I posted a lot of photos of the Grand Canyon, but you should see how many I didn’t post! The camera doesn’t really do it justice, but hope you enjoy them.

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