Di and Pete's 2014 Oz Adventure travel blog

Photo taken when discovered tyre trouble

Pete changing the tyre

Pete with sugar cane collected

Di at Hippy Di shop Gin Gin

Breaking into caravan with hacksaw

Our poor lock

Calliope camp area

We headed towards the coast to Elliot Heads to meet up with my in laws who we called in to see in Coffs - Jan & Scott who are also Caravaning. We have been having some trouble with the caravan door lock and thought it was fixed after Pete worked on it in Ipswich, how wrong were we. We got locked out of the caravan so Pete had to break in and I mean break. The lock looks very unwell now. Pete did some major repairs and used stronger screws.

Elliot Heads is in the Bundaberg area and it was nice to see the ocean. We joined Jan & Scott for a walk along the shoreline and happy hour, it was a short and sweet catch up as they headed south the next day and we headed north.

We went into Bundaberg and then towards Gin Gin and a free camp (so we thought). I wanted to take a picture of sugar cane growing and a mill so Pete pulled over only to discover we had a tyre with the air hissing out at a rapid pace, boy we were lucky we pulled over as it could have caused us to have an accident. I got my photos, Pete changed the tyre and also got a piece of sugar cane from the field.

At Gin Gin we put the tyre in to be repaired only to discover the tyre was stuffed with the inside collapsing, we thanked our lucky stars and bought a new tyre. I visited the 'Hippy Di' shop next to the tyre shop and bought a tie dye hand towel. I'm a bit hippy so thought the shop was groovy!! and well named.

After that excitement we went on and ended up camping just north of Gin Gin in a pretty good free camp.

After leaving Gin Gin we travelled further north and pulled over at a rest stop only to find the caravan door lock was jammed again and this time the hacksaw had to be used to break in. It was very frustrating. Once again Pete had to temporarily fix it before we could proceed on our way.

We drove into Calliope free camp and were blown away by the size of the place situated next to the river and the number of caravans parked there, on both sides of the river. It looked great, we found a spot, set up camp and went exploring on foot, both sides of the river and to the historic village situated on the hill behind the camp.

We met our camp neighbours Tom, Liz & Sonny ( their dog) whom were great people and we had a few happy hours with them. Whilst there Pete operated on the door lock again and hopefully this time we will have success.

A very large market was held in the grounds of the historic village whilst we were there, I loved it and spent hours there looking at all the stalls. It was a bonus for me. We ended up staying three days at Calliope.

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