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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Oh my, we were more exhausted that we thought! Slept until 9:45 this AM – sure felt better when we got up. Started the day at the Second Cup in Banff – they have free WiFi. Able to update the journal through yesterday. The Saskatoon berry muffin and chocolate croissant were very good too. Took a drive out to Two Jack Lake and Lake Minnewanka. Delightful view with every turn. While taking pictures at Two Jack three mountain sheep decided to take over the road. They did a good job of stopping traffic. Almost like they were posing for all the tourists.

There was a scuba instructor and a few students in the water at Two Jack. A few others were in the lake but they didn’t seem to stay in too long. It was a beautiful day but too cold for swimming. I can imagine how cold a mountain-fed lake would be at this time of year. Lots of families were picnicking and just enjoying the small beach.

We traveled on to Lake Minnewanka and were stopped by about a dozen mountain sheep grazing along and on the road. Again they seemed to be posing for all the cameras. A teenager was close to the herd when someone drove by and told her to pick up her dog because the sheep were eyeing it and may charge it. After hearing this I did notice that about half of them were looking directly at the pug. She picked up the dog but continued to stand in the same place – duh! When we were ready to leave the herd had reformed in the grassy area near the parking lot, again posing for photos.

Lake Minnewanka was in a very picturesque setting. Originally Minnewanka was a town next to the lake and the hotel became very popular with tourists in the early 1900’s. The need for hydroelectric led to the lake being dammed several times. During the last construction the town was flooded and now sits 25 ft. under the surface of the lake. Scuba divers visit it often.

We then moved on to Banff Upper Hot Springs. For centuries the people of the area have relied on the Hot Springs for their healing ability. The Upper Springs are now fed into a modern pool with a natural temp of about 90⁰. The pool was full and more people were in line to enter. We will have 3 more chances to soak in hot springs so we bypassed the pool.

Later we returned to Banff and ate at Wild Bill’s Restaurant. We had a window seat upstairs overlooking Banff Avenue and could do a lot of people watching. Tom tried the Elk burger, I stuck with a dressed up regular hamburger. Both were very good.

The crowd in Banff was still tremendous. We left town about 7:30 PM and the streets and stores were still busy on Sunday night. Our waiter told us the busy season starts this week through mid-September. There is quite a bit of traffic during ski season but summer is when they make their money.

Back to the Mountain Tunnel Trailer Camp, not as full as last night. Interesting info – there is no tunnel through Tunnel Mountain. There were plans to drill a tunnel but a better route was found.

Tomorrow we head north to Lake Louise.

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