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Eddyville, KY - Outback RV Resort - site D8

Eddyville, KY - Outback RV Resort - site D8, another view

Eddyville, KY - Outback RV Resort - site D8, and another

Eddyville, KY - Outback RV Resort - site D5 - much more...

Eddyville, KY - Outback RV Resort - site D5, another view

Rockville, IN to Eddyville, KY 0 - our route - 225 miles

Rockville, IN to Eddyville, KY 1 - very nice architecture in Terra...

Rockville, IN to Eddyville, KY 2 - many, many railroad cars of...

Rockville, IN to Eddyville, KY 3 - the bridge across the Ohio...

Rockville, IN to Eddyville, KY 4 - the Ohio River

Rockville, IN to Eddyville, KY 5 - a position I am not...

Paducah Trip 0 - our route - 89 miles

Paducah Trip 1 - Fall is in the air

Paducah Trip 2 - the Cumberland River

Paducah Trip 3 - climbing up to the bridge over the Tennessee...

Paducah Trip 4 - the Tennessee River not far from where it...

Paducah Trip 5 - the National Quilt Museum - I snuck a...

Paducah Trip 6

Paducah Trip 7

Paducah Trip 8

Paducah Trip 9

Paducah Trip 10

Paducah Trip 11

Paducah Trip 12 - BBQ on the River

Paducah Trip 13

Paducah Trip 14 - downtown Paducah

Paducah Trip 15 - the block-long Market House

Paducah Trip 16 - the Carson Center

Paducah Trip 17 - the other side of the Market House

Paducah Trip 18 - some of the shops on the other side...

Paducah Trip 19 - St Frances de Sales Catholic Church

Paducah Trip 20 - another nearby church, Methodist I believe

Paducah Trip 21 - Wacinton

Paducah Trip 22 - a little closer

Paducah Trip 23 - the Whitehaven Kentucky Welcome Center - a restored...

Paducah Trip 24 - the Kentucky Dam Generating station

Paducah Trip 25 - providing 185 megawatts per day

Paducah Trip 26 - one of the old turbine screws

Paducah Trip 27 - the dam

Paducah Trip 28 - the electric generating portion with water churning through...

Paducah Trip 29 - doing a little fishing in the outflow

Paducah Trip 30

Paducah Trip 31 - fishermen also in the outflow

Our trip from Rockville, IN to Eddyville, KY was 225 miles, including about two caused by me missing our turn. It took almost five hours and we managed to give the Mothership a big drink (81 gallons) as well! Most of the trip was on four-lane US41 but a good portion, about 75 miles was on narrow back roads. Luckily there wasn't much traffic and we didn't meet many large vehicles!

We are staying at the Outdoor RV Resorts which is actually about five miles south of Eddyville near the Land Between the Lakes National recreation Area. We have a 50 amp full hookup pull-through, great Verizon and a clear shot to the satellite.

While trying to level the coach, the right-rear leveler stuck at almost full extension and wouldn't come down so we had to wind up calling road service to come and remove it on Monday. We have spent a good deal of time since then trying to get it repaired and re-installed. That is still an ongoing project.

Thursday was our day for touring in Paducah. Our first stop was the National Quilt Museum near downtown Paducah. They had many, many very intricate and multicolored quilts that were almost beyond belief. Many of them looked like paintings once you stepped back from them just a little ways.

We had managed to go to downtown Paducah on the first day of their 20th annual BBQ on the River and the streets were closed and parking lots full of tents! We were lucky to find a parking spot at the Quilt Museum. After leaving the museum, we strolled through some of the happenings and if we hadn't planned on going for Italian later, we could have had 30 different kinds of ribs. We've never seen so many BBQ vendors in our life.

We left there and went a couple of blocks further and walked around the Market House. We had no interest in seeing inside the house but the area around it is full of very quaint shops and restaurants.

We next went to the St. Frances de Sales Catholic Church which is a very pretty, old church. Then we visited the Wacinton, carved by Peter Toth in 1985 from a huge red oak and dedicated to the Chickasaw Indian tribe.

We then drove by Whitehaven which is a renovated 1860 antebellum home now used as a Kentucky welcome center on I-24. Our last stop, after having a delicious Italian dinner at Mama D's, was at the Kentucky Dam. The Kentucky Dam is the longest Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), stretching across the Tennessee River and creating the Kentucky Reservoir. The reservoir is 184 miles long covering portions of Kentucky and Tennessee and has over 2,000 miles of shoreline. The dam generates 184 megawatts of power daily.

Saturday, was spent watching college football. Fortunately, our Gators didn't lose...or win since they didn't play because of an off week. We leave tomorrow for Natchez Trace State Park about 10 miles east of Lexington, TN. It is pretty isolated so we suspect Verizon will be spotty, if at all - hopefully we are wrong.

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