Anne & Tom's Florida Trip in 2014 travel blog

We are here!

The border over the St. Mary's River

Orange Juice Bar at the welcome center

Now I know we are in Florida

Strawberries and May Port Shrimp

Laundry at Fort Clinch


Strawberry shortcake

Tuesday morning! It got down to 23 last night.

Tuesday morning sunshine.

We had a leisurely morning on Monday and headed south from Fort McAllister in relatively warm (48F) weather for a short (<200 miles) drive. We tanked up with propane considering that the forecast was for really cold! We crossed the line from Georgia to Florida (The Saint Mary's River) around 1PM. After a quick stop at the Florida Welcome Center (and a glass of orange juice), we made our way to Fort Clinch through Fernandina Beach. We got our favorite campsite (#8). Anne ran off to the shower before the temps tanked and also did the laundry. Tom headed to the local Publix and Walmart where he got his Florida fishing license and some May Port Shrimp as well as strawberries. We watched the temps drop and at about 10PM (after shrimp and strawberry shortcake dinner) we shut the heat pump off and turned on the furnace. It was snuggy under the down comforter all night and we awoke to an outside temperature of 23F! Today is a day to just "hunker down."

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