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Carpe Diem at Del Rio Wal*Mart

Friday morning traffic in Laredo

Interstate 35 southern end
We've also been at its northern end—in Duluth, MN

US 277 rolls thru the Rio Grande Valley of Western Texas

Fri, 10 Jan: Continuing along the Rio Grande Valley

Another road day. We've been spoiled by these two nite & longer stops so two travel days in a row is a bit of a novelty. We'll do it three more times before we arrive in the Tucson area early next week. Texas is a mighty big state...

We enjoyed a quiet nite at the Laredo Wal*Mart. Oftimes Wal*Mart stops are noisy, but the truck parking area was away from the main parking lot so it was as quiet as one could ask for in the middle of a 24-hour Wal*Mart parking lot.

No alarm, but we were up by seven and, following breakfast, wash up, checklists, etc. we finally rolled wheels at 0844. A short (19 mile) run thru Larado (many, many, many stop lites) we reached Interstate 35. Laredo marks the southern terminus of I 35, and we've also been at the norther terminus in Duluth, Minnesota. It, along with I 5 are true border to border routes.

Thirteen miles up I 35 we stopped at a Pilot/Flying J truck stop to top off our diesel tank. We only took forty gallons, but this is the last truck stop till El Paso so we thought we'd play it safe. It was one of the quickest fuel stops we've ever made, only eight minutes from engine off to put 'er in gear.

Another few miles up the Interstate we exited onto US 277, which follows the Rio Grande river. This is pretty sparse territory with a huge amount of oil activity. It appears that hydraulic fracturing is big in this neck of the world. Good for them.

We stopped for lunch at a truck stop outside Eagle Pass, and enjoyed a relaxing break. A few minutes before two we pulled into the Wal*Mart in Del Rio, where they have a dedicated RV/Truck parking area. We hope our nite here will be as restful as last nite.

Today's drive was 188 miles along US 83 and US 277. It was overcast all day, but otherwise a good run...

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