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Little warriors

Animals for the emperors food

What the little warriors would have looked like

Shanghai over the river


Older western style buildings along the waterfront (the Bund)

Promenade along the Bind


Our bathroom

On Thursday we headed out to Xian airport and on the way visited the emperor Hanyangling's Tomb which was discovered when they were building the expressway to the airport. It has lots of what they call the "little warriors" as well as many clay animals for the emperor to feast on in the afterlife. The warriors are much smaller than the terracotta warriors and their arms were made of wood and they were dressed in silk robes which have all rotted away.

Xian is a lovely city particularly around where we were staying but unfortunately we didn't see it at its best and apparently it gets worse in about two weeks time when they turn the central heating on.

Our plane was delayed due to bad weather but once it arrived we had a pretty cruisey flight to Shanghai The taxi ride to the hotel was something else though. The taxi driver drove like a crazy man never slowing down for hairpin bends, other cars or pedestrians and no seat belts.... Nevertheless we arrived safely to our hotel which is very grand indeed. It is more western than the boutique hotels we have been staying in so far and has soft pillows and a bath SIGH! I took advantage of both and had the best nights sleep since we have been in China.

Today we took a bus tour around the city then went to the markets where Greg indulged in some very hard bargaining which made him very happy and me squirm. This afternoon we went to the mall and bought a new camera for me as it would appear I was the victim of a pick pocket in the Muslim Quarter in Xian. You can all be rest assured that Inspector Thomas will make certain that I keep this one secure.

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