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Who would have guessed that the weather at the end of this trip back in the north would be the warmest we've had since we left home. As we drove it got hotter and hotter and the dashboard A/C stopped working until we got within an hour from here when it came back to life. Something else to fix or an aberration???

Even though we are staying in a pricey campground very close to the RV show, the power supply cannot keep up with the demands of everyone running their A/C full blast. For a while in the late afternoon the brown out type conditions made it keep cycling on and off. We turned it off before it stopped working altogether. Usually we camp on the arena grounds at this type of show, but the website indicated there were only 100 boondocking sites and no reservations could be made. We hated to come all this way and then have nowhere to park so we booked the campground. But when we went to the arena the two check-in ladies were sitting in front of an empty parking lot that easily could have held 200+ rigs. And they were charging $25 for no services. Guess everyone else who checked the website was left with the same feeling we were.

But being here just got to be a lot more fun because good friends from home decided to make the 11 hour drive today to attend the show with us. We've only been gone a month and we couldn't believe all the news they had to share over dinner. We've been hoping that they would start joining us on the road. Maybe they'll find something they like here. Fingers crossed!

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