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Today's route

Giant smallmouth bass

Giant catfish

Columbus, IN suspension bridge

Veterans memorial

Amish family crossing the street in Columbus

"World's Largest Rocking Chair"

Corvettes on the road

Class C motorhome hauling a huge trailer - wonder what's in the...

Indiana rest stop waiting out the rain

Pink mohawk motorcycle helmet

Gun signs seen along I74

Winnie at Kamp Komfort

We started the day in the bright sunshine, but by the time we got to Indianapolis it started to rain. I don’t think it is as bad as back in Delaware, but I had to pull off the road west of Indianapolis to wait out the deluge and winds that were buffeting Winnie. Our route today was confined pretty much to the I65 and I74. Looking at the map, it didn’t appear there was a good highway that went northwest across Indiana that would get me off the Interstate. We were still able to see a few roadside attractions.

In Columbus, IN there is an interesting memorial to the veterans of Bartholomew County. It consists of 25 limestone pillars each 40 ft tall with the names of 172 veterans who lost their lives engraved on the stones. The road entering Columbus crossed an interesting small suspension bridge. A little down the road in Franklin, IN was the “World’s Largest Rocking Chair” named Big John. I’m not sure who arbitrates these things, but it’s not the first big chair we’ve seen in our travels.

There were a lot of Corvettes on I74 headed east. It’s the 60th anniversary of the date that the first Corvette rolled off the assembly line in St. Louis. The National Corvette Museum had 2 days of events, but that was over yesterday. Not sure where they were heading today.

As soon as we entered Illinois, I started seeing Burma-shave type signs with a pro-gun theme. I missed the first series because they caught me by surprise, but it had something about Illinois being the last state to allow concealed carry of handguns. I know there was a bill before the Illinois legislature to allow permits to be issued, but didn’t hear the fate. There is a web site “gunssavelife.com” as the last sign in each series, but I checked it out tonight and it doesn’t seem to exist.

Today was a long drive. We went 330 miles. We are over nighting at Kamp Komfort RV Park and Campground in Carlock, IL.

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