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Dad enjoying his view in the Rehab

Yikes, we have to hurry & leave, the buses are here already.

Our view at Indian Waters RV Resort in Indio, CA

My neices & sister reunited, then went to see Dad.

We went back to Garden Grove for about 12 days to see about a small tool box, and have some annual maintenance done on our trailer, as well as visit with my Dad while he was in the Rehab hospital.

During my time with Dad, Mother and I were not happy with the quality of care at the Rehab hospital. Larry was talking to some friends that had been to the same rehab for their knee replacements and when he mentioned the name of Dad’s rehab hospital they confirmed that place was NOT a good place. They told us of a better Rehab Hospital nearby, so we went into action to have him transferred.

The difference in level of care was that the 1st location had a “staff to patient ratio” of 2:1 and the new place is considered "Acute Care" where the staff is 5:1 ratio, both approved by Medicare. After the transfer, he was improving faster and his mood was elevated. The many Physical Therapists working there were better, the food was better, the room was brighter, the staff more attentive; it was like night and day. He even had a window bed with a nice view of trees and a pond next door.

We had reservations for our Indio RV Resort starting today, so we left just in the nick of time. It was School Bus Drivers Meeting Day at our Elks Lodge and the parking lot started to fill up with buses. Yikes, we have to hurry and leave or we'll be blocked in for a while.

I found out today that my nieces came from out of town to visit their Grandpa. My sister hasn't seen the girls for a while and it was a nice reunion for all. Grandpa was delighted to visit with the girls.

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