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Day 5: Monday 1 April 2013

Quilpie to Windorah

We were having a nice sleep when some noisy old people starting talking at the top of their voices. That woke us up for the start of a great day 5 of our adventure.

We got up to have a leisurely breakfast as we had our awning up. It was good as today we weren’t driving far. The roads to Windorah are narrowed sealed roads which is good as most of the roads have been dirt roads and for once you’re not being bumped around. We stopped at Coppers creek and found it a nice free campsite to stay with toilets but there was an unbearable amount of flies. So we kept on going to more in Windorah. We saw these gigantic solar panels that you can see the photo of. We found a nice park to stop and it had a room with fly screens so the flies couldn’t get in. When we saw it we thought it was the most marvellous invention in the world. There was also the best park that I ever saw. We meet a few locals there. We went into the Western Star Hotel for a drink. My great, great grandmother used to own this hotel many years ago. I had a chat to the lady in the pub and she told me that there is only 6 children in the school!

After a while we saw a campsite and it had power, hot showers, FLUSHING toilets, fly proof room, laundry and a bit of green grass all for $10 per night . In the afternoon we went to that lake that we looked at before and had a nice happy hour and went fishing but didn’t catch anything. Elizabeth and I also practised walking along the railing and had fun playing on the grass at the campsite. We had a nice dinner and a long chat (except for me as I was extremely tired after the long day and had an early night.) That was day 5 of our adventure.

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