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Apparently sea lions can't read

I pity the fisherman who has to clean up after this visitor

Feb 9, Saturday;

I awoke at 5 am to the sound of engines starting as the boat moved to Kicker Rock. After 4 cups of coffee which the wonderful crew always has ready, we headed out in the light rain to go snorkelling. Some stayed in bed. Others stayed on the pangas and a few of us braved the shark infested water. We weren't disappointed! We saw an amazing number of fish, some plankton that glows blue in the dim light, a few sea turtles and MANY sharks. I even got some decent video. We laughed at poor Clare who, after seeing how many sharks there were, headed back to the panga, pleading to get back in as she was afraid of “crapping her pants” in fear.

Back on the boat we cleaned up, changed , had breakfast that included coconut milk, and headed into the town on San Cristobal. It was still raining, but warm, so we just walked about for a while, laughing at all the sea lions taking over the town.. Many of us took advantage of the wifi service and connected to home.

Back in the panga and the boat and lunch of fish, potatoes, green beans and avocados. We said goodbye to some of the girls and welcomed 4 new guests.

For the afternoon we went back to town in the pouring rain to see the visitor's centre and learn about the human history of the Galapagos. First the bus was broken and couldn't pick us up so we walked. Next the visitor's centre was closed so we walked some more. It was a nice, wet walk and we worked off lunch if nothing else.

Back on the boat we relaxed until dinner which was curried beef and rice, cauliflower and salad with a nice jelly roll for desert. We laughed with poor Daniel who apologized for all the things that went wrong today. Oh well, that's all part of the experience. We discussed Charles Darwin and some of the myths and realities about his history.

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