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Sorry – no pictures this week. It seems I forgot the camera every time we did something picture worthy.

SUNDAY: Up the hill with a casserole dish of hot sweet potatoes for the Thanks for Giving dinner. They turned out pretty good with baking the scrubbed potatoes in the oven the night before and then peeling, reheating and mashing with hot chicken broth, orange zest and nutmeg in the morning. The bowl was empty and washed when it got back to me. I helped a bit in the kitchen cleaning up until my back gave up. Then we came home and pretty much vegged out watching TV until it was time for Ice Cream at the Activities Center.

MONDAY: Park Beautification at 8 in the morning. It is getting darker and a bit cooler in the mornings but once we get moving we warm up just fine. We worked around the Activities Center getting it all spiffed up for Thanksgiving Dinner. We were digging out some pups from the Artichoke Agave (also called Queen of Thorns Agave) so I got a big one. Also got a couple of a new type of aloe that was being thinned. The AA doesn't grow tall like the Blue Agave I have in my yard nor does it spread out. It seldom gets bigger than a barrel cactus. I planted it in the driveway bed where my yellow barrel cactus is (it is dead but doesn't look like it – and is still a pretty bright gold color).

I don't remember what we did the rest of the day. Probably a nap or two and some laundry or dishes or something domestic.

TUESDAY: A busy day. Up early again and this time is was Road Pick-up at 8. We have to clean the ditches along the hiway for a mile in each direction twice a year. That way we have signs up so people know the park is coming up. We use 8 crews of at least 2 people (most of the time 4). Some go to the far end on each side of the road and some start out from the driveway. We meet in the middle and stroll back to the park – socializing all the way. There were 26 bags of junk picked up along with several piles of a truck fender, building materials, part of a shed roof, and just big boards. I found a good plastic bucket and an ATV flag. Another guy found a good ½ inch wrench. One year someone found $5. We ended up back at the Clubhouse for coffee and goodies and more socializing.

Then Ron and I hurried home and jumped in the shower to get ready for town. Ron drove the MH and I followed to take it to the shop. It needs bearing and brake checked and a lot of other little stuff that needs attention.

Then we went to the car dealership to pick up papers and headed to Blythe, CA. If we take “delivery” of the car out of state we don't pay AZ sales tax. So papers have to be signed and notarized in CA. It was a great trip and, of course, we had the soup and salad bar at Sizzlers while we were there. I also hit K-Mart and picked up the napkins I needed for Thursday.

Ron let me drive back. We were able to find the 50's station on the satellite radio and I sang most of the way back. I don't know how I even know all those songs. I guess because all we had was radio back then and the words just stuck in my brain.

WEDNESDAY: Up and on the road early again. Ron had a 9 am appointment for his stress test that was postponed from last week. It was only time consuming – no problems at all. It is nice that they have WiFi in the waiting room as I took my Kindle with and could surf and check email while there. Later, when we went to Denny's for lunch, I checked via their WiFi all sodium levels on the menu. Man! Some of them have 2 and 3 day's allotment of sodium in one meal. No wonder we feel so slow after we get out of there. We chose the Sr. Lite omelet and thought it was a healthy choice.

Later we picked up some groceries and then headed home. I cooked up the cranberries and got them ready for tomorrow's dinner.

THURSDAY: I was down at the Activities Center by 9 and setting up my table. It was fun to be there with the other table hostesses doing the same thing. We were able to check out their tables and get ideas for next year.

I came home and cooked up my corn souffle and got it ready. Then my phone beeped at 1 pm saying it was time for the dinner. So I rushed around and we headed out thinking we were late. Of course, we weren't! It was at 2 pm like I thought in the beginning. But we were there and were able to get to see everyone as they came in.

We only knew one couple at our table and them not very well so we had a good time getting to know people at our table. Everything was delicious and the only thing was I forgot my camera.

After we got home I washed up all the dishes and packed them away for the next dinner. Then we collapsed.

FRIDAY: I did a bit of cleaning today and got all the Thanksgiving decorations put away. I was going to get out the Christmas things but just didn't have the oomph. They will have to wait until next week.

About 4 I started heating up the left overs and we went up to the Activities Center for the Leftover Potluck. If anything, things tasted better than on Thursday. We had a good time, sitting with friends and stuffing ourselves again. Came back and zoned out in our chairs and called it an early night.

SATURDAY: Another early morning – this time I was making up turkey rollups and some muffins and we hit the road a bit before 8 to go to Tree Camp with Rod and his friends. It is an hour shorter from North Ranch than from Eden Park but we still have 11 miles of gravel roads out to the desert camp.

We had a great visit and Ron and Rod went out to the turquoise mine to pick up some for a project I might be doing. If I don't use them, our friend Lew might so it was all good. They also found a large rock with a lot of color on it for my yard. I am eager to get it washed up and see what it looks like.

As we were passing by the grocery store, we stopped and I picked up some turkey necks to roast for turkey soup for next week.

We came home, roasted of the turkey necks, had some sandwiches for supper and called it an early night. This has been a busy week and we are bushed.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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