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My cyber friend and I

Combines lined up to start a new field.

Wind farm for my friend in OK who likes them so much.

WEDNESDAY: Wal*Mart in Great Bend, KS

First of all – the birds have no sense of time – especially when a person has crossed two time zones and wants to sleep in. I think it was a mocking bird as s/he never did the same song twice. We were parked with the bedroom window right beside it's tree so it woke us early.

We really took our time this morning getting ready to go. We both took long showers as we will be able to dump the holding tanks tomorrow at the Passport Park in Elm Creek.

We kinda wished we had gotten an earlier start as we had a pretty strong side wind all the way to Dodge City.

We pulled into the Wal*Mart there just in time for the noon whistle. It went on so long we weren't sure it wasn't a tornado siren. But it was just noon. My friend pulled up a few minutes later and after a tour of the MH and introducing her to Ron we drove to the local A&W for lunch. I think we talked for about 2 hours as it is so good to meet in real life.

It is winter wheat harvest time here. Most of the trucks we meet are grain trucks and there are lots of combines out in the fields. Most of the corn is under irrigation and is 6 to 8 inches tall. We saw one field of beans but they didn't look too healthy. I'm wondering what they will put in the fields now that the winter wheat is harvested. I think this is the area that had a lot of fields of red and white milo. So maybe that is their rotation crop.

It was even windier from Dodge City to Great Bend. The old MH rock and rolled down the road. I think we got the last place to park next to the grass – the ones that are coming in now are parking out in the middle with the 18 wheelers.

After sitting a bit we walked over to Arby's for some supper. I have been wanting to try their Pecan Chicken Salad Wrap. It is as good as it looks on TV. I'm not fond of their onion rings, however. The breading is too thick and too crunchy. I preferred the ones we had last night at the Elks.

I redid our route a bit for Saturday and Sunday. I had almost 250 miles on Saturday and less than 100 on Sunday. So I found an Elks Lodge in between and now we have about 130 for each day. My knee will appreciate it a lot. And if Ron is really wanting to drive – we can get into Marion a day early.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

Gas in Liberal, KS. $3.49

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