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Whenever we move to a new campground, Ken enters our location on a website for satellite dish owners. If you want to see exactly where we are click "here". On the map we are #1872 and occasionally we see other dish owners nearby. He levitated with joy when he noticed that dish owner #1 was in our campground. Keeping the satellite dish on track is a time consuming, confusing task. Every time we move we have to find that little speck 22,000 miles away that sends and receives everything we type. With broken jacks and a broken azimuth motor, this has been even harder than usual. There is a helpline we can telephone, but Ken often gets a lot of help from a satellite dish forum hosted by #1 - the first man who bought one of these satellite dishes when they were still in beta mode. He seems to be online and ready to help 24/7 and writes helpful advice that's easy to follow - well, as easy as a bunch of technical gibberish can be. Mr. #1 stopped by this morning coffee cup in hand, and chatted with us for about an hour. Now Ken knows even more background techno babble and has other tricks to try when the dish is not cooperating.

This made for a late start and we had many miles to drive. While we did I was glued to my phone, trying to put together a schedule for all the repairs we still need to have done. If all goes as planned, we will have a new washer/dryer, jacks that go up and down and an oil change before we get home. Once there Ken can order the azimuth motor and replace that there, so we'll be ready to hit the road again when the mood strikes. Fingers crossed.

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