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The lake from the window, with white swan enjoying sunshine

Its a glorious day. Ashley at work and Karin in and out. I've been to the shop which is always an interesting experience in a foreign country; trying to work out what the words are and then largely going by the pictures. I'm the cook today so I looked up a Moroccan recipe and made my list, but couldn't find some of what I wanted (like sweet potatoes or butternut pumpkin (here they'd call it squash. Pumpkins not for human consumption in Europe it seems.We already knew that about England.) So I threw an assortment of stuff in my little basket trolley. (I had tried to pull out a metal one but you have to put in a coin, as a lady pointed out in Danish ...the hand movements helped interpretation! and I didnt have one.) However the wheeled basket was big enough.

Got to the checkout after about an hour! I had loose onions. About the only loose vegetable I could find. Everything else is packaged, or, as with the carrots, in a tied bunch. When I got to the checkout I had loose onions. NOT the done thing. I had to confess to my lack of Danish after he'd been gesticulating at the onions, so he switched to English. They had to be weighed. And the weighing was done in the vegetable section. AS I didn't know the word for onion I had to get help and then rush back to the counter.

The other difference was that everything is put through rather like sorting sheep. The first person's goods go down one race, and while they are packing, the next person's goods go down the other race.

Once home, I wish I was a Nicky or Jamie. No matter how odd the assortment of ingredients they'd put them together and using their noses and an occasional taste would say 'needs a bit of this or that', and it would all end up yummy. Will let you know tomorrow how it went

The other thing about travelling is knowing to what extent pedestrians follow the road rules in relation to lights. I stand patiently at the lights waiting for green, when others come along and if there's a clear run over they go. Which is exactly what I'd do in Fremantle. But in a foreign country there's always a chance that people really do follow the rules! Also for me, with traffic on different sides of the road, its probably mostly still safer, as I do tend to look to the right rather than left. And then aslo watch the cars and forget about the bicycles that are also zooming down bike paths. (Bikes are not disappearing here, but then as Ashley said, in China they are a symbol of being poor, so discard them as soon as possible. Here they're a symbol of Denmark and of a healthy lifestyle.)

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