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Our group is again pretty mixed we have one Japanese /American (I think) middle aged male who turned up with two large solid suitcases a full sized backpack and a day pack - our truck couldn´t hold all of the luggage in the luggage compartment which is bigger than on my previous truck - the other truck which has a younger group of people and one extra and a smaller compartment fitted all of their stuff easily. Most of the people are OK I have been sharing with a Di from queensland she's probably a bit older than me about 5foot high if that and has spent more than half her life travelling she is also deaf so at night I can make as much noise as I like - ex radiographer ( the doctor level) and was the very first passenger on Drago she´s Ok to travel with but I wouldn't want it to be just her and me conversation can be pretty one sided . I have also hooked up with Sandy who is now on another truck although we are here together - English physiotherapist Irish (dosen't shut up) from Devon And RAYNA from Denmark via Greece we call her Random as she is totally -tell you more about the others later as I get to know them.

Paraty is a beautiful place with a charming town complete with cobblestones in some streets too big for cars or even bikes. Went on a day trip visiting Islands and swimming a bbq on a beach clear blue water but stiffling hot most of us caught at least a touch of the sun and as I sit here at the Hostel I'm being bitten by something not mozzies at the moment and am dripping wet. The local beach is not as good as the water is too warm for swimming like being in a bath even when it is quite deep it is also murky - went in anyway as the easiest way to cool off. Temps averaging 35-38 and not much cooler at night but also very muggy nothing dries!

A group of 4 of us went to a day spa today and did a yoga class held in a bali style hut with the most beautiful views - the teacher decided to stretch me - I survived. Still having trouble with photos on this blog although I can post to facebook fairly esily. I will get the hang of it eventually. Leaving here at 7am for a place called Brotas 10 hour truck ride and then a camping night so to bed early for me.

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