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Hustle and Bustle around fish mongers, Seattle's Pike St Markets

Dowtown Seattle, could be any corner Starbucks is on each and every...

Eruption! Mt St Helens erupts as we head down the Interstate 5.

What the!!! Is this Northern America? Yes, safari park in Roseburg.

Well the Hawaiian leg of our journey has come to an end and we are now well and truly in mainland USA.

We landed in Seattle after what felt like an eternity on areoplanes. Honolulu - LA 5 hrs, LA - Vegas 1 hr, Vegas - Seattle 3 hrs. All in all we got out of bed at 5am and jumped into a Seattle shuttle bus around 11pm. The security checks for me are pretty full on with major pat downs and even swabbing for bomb residue - I guess it is helping to keep things safer.

Anyway no more planes until May (yah!).

Because we arrived in Seattle over the weekend we had a couple of days to occupy ourselves before we could pick the van. This turned out to be a really good thing because Seattle is such a cool place! Our Hotel was right in amongst all the fun: restaurants, clubs, pubs, the Pike St Markets and all this right on the water front.

Could have spent longer there but once we got the van we were eager to get on our way.

The transaction all went smoothly and we are now the proud owners of "Gus the bus" (feels like driving a bus - which I have done heaps of !?!?!?!). He is a 1994 ex-rental Dodge 250 Ram Van with a 5.2 v8, 4 speed auto, a double bed, plenty of pack and board space along with a load of camping goodies. He even has a TV video set up.

So far he has safely transported us from Seattle (Washington) to Eugene (Oregon). Along the way we drove straight past Mt St Helens and just after that the damn thing errupted! We have some cool photos which we will upload soon. We spent last night in the Silver Falls State Park. A really beautiful spot - there are deer wondering around all over the place and the camp grounds are seriously well equipped - Suzie showered for about 45 minutes this morning "I was not gone that long!" (she had hold of my ear then).

We tried to hike around but the signs were so confusing we kept hitting dead ends which was a bit frustrating. However, we did see some beautiful stuff and have some good photos.

The weather is fantastic so far although it does get cold at night (chatta chatta - the sound of Suzie's teeth).

We are heading to Grant's Pass which is close to the Northern Californian border and from there to the coast. This is a bit different from our original plan which was to head to the Rocky's around about now. The change of plans is based on some good advice of a few of my kneeboarding friends (thanks Bud!). We still plan to get out there, but from the Grand Canyon and that way the weather should be better for us.

Ok time to hit the road - stay tuned for the next installment miss you all!!!

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