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Huge spider, I'm pretty sure it is highly poisonous!

Coogee Beach

A view of our walk from Coogee to Bondi

I can say without a doubt that this trip was well deserved. Early this week I got a call from my mom informing me that we lost our cabin in a fire due to an electrical fault. We lost a lot of items that are irreplaceable, things we have inherited and had a lot of sentimental value not only to our family, but also those that hunt with us and spend time with us there. I needed to get away from the Uni and clear my head and that is exactly what I did.

When reading these journal entries keep in mind that I had the best time ever there. I am extremely sleep deprived and so I may not be able to portray the truly amazing experience I had in words.

Today we had to be ready to leave at 4:15am. Instead of taking a bus and train to the airport we had no choice but to hire an airport bus transfer due to our early flight. I would pay the extra money for the transfer any day over the bus and train!

Just to give a brief summary of Sydney, it has a population of about 4 million and is the gay capital of the southern hemisphere. I make this fact clear because it is a big part of their culture and I will be highlighting this throughout my trip in Sydney.

When we arrived in Sydney Kyle, Kristine and I decided to go to Coogee beach and walk all the way to Bondi beach. We had a fourth member joining us the next morning and so we were going to save the main sights until after she arrived. The walk from beach to beach took nearly 2 hours. We stayed at Coogee beach for a couple hours until venturing off. We were practically scared off by a group of three that decided to join us at the beach. It was funny because there were two girls and a guy and they laid in the same fashion as us, only about ten feet to the west. They were about five years older than us and all had the same hair color and such. Before I knew it I looked up and all I could see was two topless ladies. Pretty special if you ask me... After seeing this odd eyeful we decided to pack up and start our trek north. To our dismay the two ladies weren't the only topless ones on this particular beach. Before making it to the boardwalk we passed another topless lady that was interacting very closely with her young child. I can't say that was something I remember from my childhood! Yuck.

Erasing those odd occurrences from my mind we began our jaunt up the path. The walk was very beautiful. We made quite a few stops on the way to Bondi. We passed numerous other beaches including a cement one that was handicap accessible and a gay beach. I knew something was up when I saw two older men flirting with each other in their Speedos and running shoes! Other fun on this trip included the most shockingly placed cemetery. There we were minding our own business and before we knew it we passed the next bend all we could see in the distance was headstones! It was pretty freaky considering we didn't expect it. We did have to walk threw it and so that was quite the deal. When we finally arrived to Bondi Kristine and I took a dip. Let's just say that it was a muscle tearing experience, however there were good times had by all.

When we made it back to the Maze hostel we were all pretty shot, however we managed to make it to the free wine and cheese event upstairs. Who could pass up a 20L box of goon (boxed wine)?

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