2011 Celebration Journey travel blog

The lake in the campground

Mama duck with her babies

OK, we are not really deep in the heart of Texas yet. We are in Terrell, Texas about 30 miles east of Dallas.

We stayed in this RV park 5 years ago on our first trip in the RV. We remembered it was a very nice park so we wanted to see if we remembered correctly. Yep, it turned out just as nice as we remembered. It has a pool and a nice lake. It even has a fenced in dog park where Blondie got to run and chase her favorite tennis ball.

There aren't any interesting sights here so we used the day to do some housekeeping chores. We had lunch at a little BBQ restaurant. We haven't had Texas BBQ brisket in 5 years so we both had to have some. It was delicious so we got a pound to go.

We're off for more of Texas in a little while!

Diesel was $3.85 per gallon.

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