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The only thing wrong with my sister is that she lives 800 miles away. We seldom see one another and since she is still a working girl, her days off and free time are seriously limited. So it's a real treat to be living fifteen minutes away from her in a county campground that is charging us a whopping $10/night to camp in the woods with a full complement of utilities as well as the best campground internet we've had in a long time. She stopped by after work and we had dinner out on the picnic table topped off with gooey s'mores made over a great camp fire. And there's wood left for a few more camp fires before we'll have to move on when my sis goes back to work. Days like this truly are precious.

We've never been here during azalea season and these vivid flowers are so bright and beautiful, we can't stop taking pictures of them. We went to Glencairn Gardens, a lovely park that started out as someone's back yard. Various community organizations help to support it and the garden has added real estate since the last time we were here. The gurgling fountains added to the peaceful ambience of the place.

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