Penny and Bob's Great Adventure 2011 travel blog

Welcome to Arizona

Very straight roads....and more trains!

Mountains...and NO, we didn't drive 75 mph! At least not yet.

Abandoned town along the highway

I love the cliffs

"Something" - out in the middle of absolute nowhere

Decorations on the bridge fencing

Glad that wasn't OUR bill!

Rocks are barely balanced in this area.

Our campsite at San Pedro RV Resort, Benson AZ

Cactus at the RV park

It really IS purple

The wash is behind me. This is a neat little sitting area...

Bob at the wash

View down the wash

Looking down one of the streets in the park

Christmas in Benson, AZ

A DC-3 babysitting for some little planes


LEAVE TIME: 10:30 MILES: 87.8

Another sunny travel day for our trip to Benson, Arizona.

WELCOME TO ARIZONA: 11:55 172.3 miles

Our first new state!! Now we can add this one to our "travel map", a gift from the grandgirls a couple of years ago. Doesn't look too much different than NM or western TX but it is still so different than the green of the northeast, for sure!

After missing one turn, we arrived at the San Pedro Resort Community at 2:05 p.m. (175 miles) after a 15-minute stop for diesel and to take Taco for a walk plus about 10 minutes of a “missed-the-turn” trip.

San Pedro is a manufactured home park and RV resort for those over 55. It has many double-wides and manufactured homes but one central strip with full hook-ups for overnighters. They have an indoor pool and a hot tub but we didn’t take advantage of those.

There’s a neat “wash” behind the park where people can hike or walk their dogs. Someone told us that the night before last, a lady parked down by the wash, put her little dog out for his “before bed” stuff and he was attacked by a javelina (wild pig). The poor little dog suffered a broken shoulder and numerous other injuries but is expected to survive.

We only get 2 channels here…and they’re both Spanish!! What a revoltin’ development THAT is. It doesn’t bother me too much ‘cause I’m usually on the computer but it leaves Bob watching shows in Spanish…just to watch TV.


Drove around town a little bit today; found an interesting looking unpaved road that said it led to the Benson Municipal Airport so off we went to see what was along there. It did come to the Benson Airport which was a couple of hangers for small planes and one big old DC-3 just sitting there in the desert, dwarfing the little single engine planes. Passed some signs stating the “Benson Solar Park”. They’re just starting this…at the ground leveling/grading stage now. Saw lots of different kinds of cactus, some looking like they’re putting little blooms out.

Back to the campground and took Taco for a walk along the wash and looked for footprints. All we saw were dog and human prints. Talked to another “short-timer” and they were on their way to Tombstone to see the great shoot-out. They told us there was cable in the overnight spots so, lo and behold, we now have cable! Bob is quite happy about that.

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